about JJ


The beginning

I started sewing at the age of 15 with the intention to make clothes myself, that I wouldn´t find in the regular stores. I had a vision of the very first dress I wanted to make, so I went to a fabric store and just started right off. I was hooked from the very first moment and even if it didn´t fit quiet right, I´ve never been more proud. Since then, sewing was the most constant thing in my life – there wasn’t a time where I wasn’t designing or sewing anything. I’ve applied the theory “learning by doing” which also translates to being self taught, aswell as from internships. There were long nights sitting in front of the sewing machine and where I couldn’t lie down until I had finished a project. This passion of mine never faded away in all these years, so here I am, trying to find my way into the fashion industry.

The vision

I just make the clothes that I´d like to wear myself. They are feminine, elegant and sometimes a little more extravagant, but consistent with special details- and I can always identify with them. These clothes are meant to be worn, they are made for all fashion lovers in the world, who are searching for an iconic eyecatcher.

Fairfashion and sustainability

As of 2018, I started making clothes with fabrics from GOT certified shops, so that not only the production of the item itself would be verified, but also that the material would be fair, sustainable and organic. These topics are still a small conversation in the fashion industry, and I am proud to be a part of it. These clothes are meant for sustainably thinking women, who don´t want to make any compromises in being fashionable or elegant.

Sourcing the materials from:



Anita Pavani Stoffe (not completely certified)